Allens Pond Conservation Completion Project

Ocean View Farm

Ocean View Farm

DNRT and the Buzzards Bay Coalition (BBC) have joined together to permanently protect 217 acres of critical coastal farmland, woodland, and wetland on Dartmouth’s magnificent Allens Pond, recognized as one of the most significant coastal habitats in Southern New England.

After decades of conservation work, over 600 acres around Allens Pond has been protected.  The Allens Pond Conservation Completion Project now seeks to protect three of the largest remaining unprotected properties in the area: Round The Bend Farm (39 acres), the Powel Woodlands (58 acres), and Ocean View Farm (120 acres).

Approximately 60 acres of Ocean View Farm will end up in DNRT ownership and be open to the public via a trail from Allens Neck Road.  All other lands will be protected with permanent conservation restrictions that will protect the exquisite wildlife habitat, farmland, water quality, and scenic beauty of the area.

The total cost for the project is $9 million, and while we have been able to tap into some significant grant sources, this project will not succeed unless we raise $3 million from individuals and families like you – those who care about preserving the scenic beauty, natural resources, and historic farms of Dartmouth.

For more information, please see the project brochure (as pdf or as online publication) or contact Dexter Mead at DNRT (508-991-2289).

To make a donation, please fill out and return this gift form (pdf) to DNRT, PO Box 70567, Dartmouth, MA 02747, or make an online donation here.