Visiting the Parsons Daffodil Field

Currently about 10% of our daffodils are in bloom. Some warm weather and sunshine should bring out the full field soon!


Please read this page carefully and see daffodil field rules at bottom of this page!

When: “Daffodil season” is generally from the second week in April to early May, but the exact timing of the daffodils varies every year.   The Reserve is open from sunrise to sunset.  Please try to visit when crowds are less (see “Crowds” below). 
Note: The daffodil fields will be closed on Friday, April 20, 2018, starting at 3pm, for a DNRT members-only event. 

Crowds:  If at all possible, we highly recommend avoiding weekends and school vacation week (April 16-20, 2018).  If you must come during these times, try to visit before 10am or after 4pm. Or consider visiting these other great places to see daffodils: Long Hill in Beverly, Tower Hill in Boylston, Spohr Gardens in Falmouth, and Blithewold in Bristol, RI.

Location:  The Parsons Reserve is located just south of Russell’s Mills Village (50 Horseneck Rd) in Dartmouth, MA.  Click here for a Google map.

Parking:  Parking is at the Russell’s Mills village Town Landing and parallel parking is available on the side of Horseneck Rd. At the Town Landing, please do not block the boat ramp!  Walk along the side of the tennis court (not along the side of the road) and use care when crossing the road!  

Trails:  All trails are dirt and you will encounter hills, rocks, tree roots, and wet spots – please wear appropriate footwear!  We advise leaving your stroller in your car.  Be aware that the northern entrance also has a fairly steep hill.   The trail distance from northern entrance to daffodils is about 1/4 mileView a trail map here. 

Cost:  We ask all non-members for a $2 per person to visit the daffodil field. These donations help us care for this special property.  DNRT members and their guests (up to 6 at a time) can visit the daffodil field for no charge (members will receive a membership card to bring with them).  To support DNRT’s conservation work and become a member, click here.

Rules:  Our rules are intended to protect the natural resources of the Reserve and make the experience more pleasant for everyone. In addition to DNRT’s standard Reserve rules (found here), please:

* Do not use the property for commercial photography

* Leave photo accessories (tripods, freestanding lights), and props (chairs, balloons, etc.) at home.

* Put your dog on leash throughout the Parsons Reserve and remove all dog waste.

* Stay on the defined trail at all times.

* Do not step on the daffodils.

* Do not pick the daffodils.

Over the past 10 years, the number of visitors to the Parsons Reserve daffodil field has skyrocketed as social media has spread the word about its incredible beauty.  In 2016, there were over 12,000 visitors in the period between early April and early May!  The large number of visitors has significantly increased wear and tear on the Parsons Reserve, including the trampling of daffodils by people who wander off the narrow paths.  DNRT now has to rely on a group of volunteers and temporary staff to protect this incredible resource.  We ask that all visitors treat the Reserve with care and respect so that visitors may enjoy the beauty of the daffodils for generations to come.  Please drive and walk carefully and respect our neighbors and other visitors!