Allens Pond Conservation Completion Project

Ocean View Farm

Ocean View Farm

From Horseneck Road to Barney’s Joy, visionary local landowners and conservation organizations have worked together over decades to protect and preserve Allens Pond in Dartmouth. If you’ve ever explored Mass Audubon’s Allens Pond Wildlife Sanctuary, you’ve experienced firsthand the benefits of this land conservation. The sanctuary’s 600 acres of unspoiled salt marshes and rugged beaches along Buzzards Bay are one of the most significant coastal habitats in southern New England.

Now we can add another piece of protected land to this jewel of Buzzards Bay: the aptly named Ocean View Farm, a 115-acre waterfront property that was one of the last large unprotected parcels in this area. Stretching out like a banquet table to the waters of Allens Pond and Buzzards Bay, Ocean View Farm’s rich soils and magnificent views have narrowly missed being covered with new homes several times in recent years.

Working in close partnership with the the Buzzards Bay Coalition and Round the Bend Farm we raised over $8 million to save Ocean View Farm. Round the Bend Farm will now put the deep, rich soils on the northern 55 acres to work as an all-organic farm, and we will eventually open a new public trail on a 60-acre portion of Ocean View Farm so everybody can discover this spectacular place.


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