Augustine-Souza Reserve

Augustine-Souza ReserveDonor : John Augustine & Stephen Souza

Acreage : 75.68 acres

Location : north of Rt. 195

Year Acquired : 1988


A relatively uniform deciduous swamp occurs throughout the property except the northwest corner, which lies slightly upland. A low canopy consists primarily of red maple swamp and contains green ash, yellow birch and swamp oak. The shrub layer is dominated by coastal pepperbush, accompanied by Northern arrowwood, bullbriar, poison ivy and highbush blueberries. A variety of ferns, including Cinnamon, Massachusetts, Royal, Netted chain, and Sensitive, were scattered across the ground among various wetland flowers. The Massachusetts Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program has indicated that the property is Southern New England Acidic Seepage Swamp, a “significant natural community,” which likely includes the State Threatened Swamp Oat (Sphenopholis pensylvania).