Birds of Massachusetts Woodlands: An Informational Talk (March 13)

Chestnut Sided WarblerTuesday, March 13, 7:00 PM
DNRT Office at Helfand Farm
318 Chase Rd
Dartmouth, MA 02747

Are your woods bird-friendly? How can you accomplish your land management goals, while benefiting forest songbirds?

The forests of New England are vital for the survival and reproduction of many birds, such as the Chestnut-sided Warbler and Wood Thrush. Yet numerous forest birds have undergone a drastic decline in numbers. These declines can be attributed in part to the current habitat conditions found in our forests. Creating and maintaining hospitable habitat will be fundamental to sustaining our forest birds, and doing so requires engagement and action.

Please join Mass Audubon and MA Department of Conservation and Recreation for this workshop on bird habitat in Massachusetts.

You will leave the workshop more familiar with species that depend on the Massachusetts woods for breeding habitat, and better able to assess how your own management goals can help these birds flourish.

A new program—“FORESTERS FOR THE BIRDS” will also be described.

Space limited. Pre-registration required. Please RSVP by March 12th to Michael Downey or 413-212-3039