Hiking 101 (During COVID-19)

Now, more than ever, we need nature. Spending time outdoors can help to reduce stress and anxiety, and increase positive feelings. Physically, blood pressure can drop, as well as heart rate, and muscle tension. During trying times, nature can help to ground us and make us feel more at peace. For many, nature is already…

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Children’s Nature Activities

Puddle Jumpers

Have you been spending more time with your kids outdoors? Perhaps you’re looking for something new and fun you can do when you head outside. Here are some great activities you can do at a DNRT Reserve or even in your own backyard! Nature Scavenger Hunt – This is a fun an easy game. We…

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Rules Still Apply at DNRT!

September - McBratney Reserve - Leah Howard

We are pleased to see that so many individuals are seeking solace in nature during this difficult time. Our trails are busier than we have ever seen them! However, just because we all feel a little scared and uncertain, does not mean that rules no longer apply. Over the past two weeks, we have seen:…

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DNRT Statement on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Wernick Farm

Update as of September 9, 2020. DNRT is monitoring state and federal guidance regarding the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.  We are very concerned for the health and safety of our community, visitors, volunteers, and staff, and want to do what we can to limit the spread of this disease.  Recognizing that the situation continues to…

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Dartmouth Natural Resources Trust Earns National Recognition

Ocean View Farm

Strong Commitment to Public Trust and Conservation Excellence Dartmouth, MA (Feb. 26, 2020) – One thing that unites us as a nation is land: Americans strongly support saving the open spaces they love. Since 1971, the Dartmouth Natural Resources Trust (DNRT), has been doing just that for the people of Dartmouth. Now DNRT has announced…

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2020 Long Dam Walk

BY LEAH HOWARD Cold winds rushed across the water and shocked my exposed skin. I raised my neck warmer, hoping that it would shield my face and save me from the bone-chilling breeze. It barely helped. I looked ahead to the end of the dam and noticed I still had a long dam walk to…

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Save the Birds!

May - Michael Aronsohn - Yellow Warbler at Smith Farm

In 2019 it was reported that the number of birds in the United States and Canada has fallen a staggering 29 percent since 1970. Habitat loss is considered one of the primary reasons for this decline. You can join with many others to make a difference by supporting DNRT’s work to preserve & restore wetland, open field & woodland habitat…

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2020 Calendar Contest Winners Announced!


We are proud to announce the winners selected for the 2020 DNRT Calendar. We received dozens of beautiful photos and it was very difficult to narrow it down to just 13. Thanks to all who entered. Now is the time to start shooting for next year!                  …

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New Dog Rule at DNRT Reserves


As of August 15, 2019, a new dog rule has been added to the list of rules at DNRT’s dog friendly reserves: no more than 3 dogs per adult trail user. DNRT aims to make our reserves a friendly, safe environment for all our trail users. This rule will help with the biggest problem we…

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How to Carry Dog Poop Gracefully

Leah's dog, Ashe

BY LEAH HOWARD, DNRT LAND STEWARD Who hates picking up dog poop? I know I do. It’s smelly and gross. Carrying it around on your walk is a pain. Although it is troublesome, I still pick it up because dog poop contains harmful bacteria and nutrients. The bacteria in dog poop can make both you…

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