Ocean View Farm Reserve

Ocean View Farm

Donor : Purchased by DNRT  Acreage : 60 Location : Allens Neck Road, between Barney’s Joy Rd and Round the Bend Farm | View Google Map Year Acquired : 2017 Access Point : Trailhead starts at the parking lot. Volunteer Steward : Jane Ashley Additional Regulations: To protect ground nesting birds and other wildlife, NO DOGS ALLOWED.  No horseback riding. No bicycles.…

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Whitney Reserve


Part of a large salt marsh system of the Little River, the Whitney Reserve is chiefly flat salt marsh with well-defined borders.

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Wellington Farm Reserve

This property contains a cleared swath running west to east, leading to the Nonquitt salt pond. The cleared area is generally quite…

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Upper Cedar Island Reserve

Island in the Slocum’s River. Much of the island is salt marsh and state-designated “Priority Habitat for State-Protected Rare Species.”

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Sweetser Reserve

Salt marsh and mudflat parcel along the Little River, containing a small bit of upland and a freshwater stream flowing in from a pond…

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