Discover DNRT Scavenger Hunt

Dike Creek Reserve

The Challenge:  Celebrate our 50th Birthday by finding and photographing 50 items on DNRT Reserves from among the 70 items listed on the “Discover DNRT Scavenger Hunt” checklist. Each entrant* will receive a DNRT Guide to Outdoor Recreation in Dartmouth (a $15 value!), which contains information on 37 publicly-accessible properties and 4 great paddle trips…

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See a Downed Tree?

Downed Tree

We realize that recent storms have unfortunately caused tree trunks and branches to fall across a number of DNRT trails. At the same time the COVID-19 crisis has reduced the capacity of our trail crew. We ask for your patience and understanding. If you see a tree that blocks a trail or poses a hazard,…

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Results of the Nonquitt Coastal Waterbird Season

On a cloudy day in early April, DNRT volunteers and staff placed symbolic fencing on Nonquitt beach and within a week, two plovers had claimed the site as their own. Once again, this pair’s territory spanned the entire beach, despite a second pair attempting to stake claim to the eastern point. The first pair would…

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Wintertime Walking

Little River Reserve

BY KENDRA MURRAY During the winter months, it becomes very easy to stay indoors. Sure, it looks sunny and warm outside, but as soon as the front door is opened, the chill hits your face and you retreat back into your home. The coat gets thrown back on the rack, you turn on the coffeepot,…

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2018 Members Only Holiday Party

Holiday Party 2018

VIEW EVENT PHOTOS HERE! Our 2nd Annual Members Only was a smashing success! Many thanks to all of our wonderful members and volunteers who brought dishes, helped us clean, decorate, and brought great company. Raffle winners are listed below: 2 Celtics Tickets (Club Section) 12/19/18 Games vs Phoenix Suns + Passes to Legends. Donated by…

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