Destruction Brook Woods

Donor : Purchased by DNRT and The Trustees of Reservations

Acreage : 283.8

Location : Between Fisher and Slade’s Corner Roads, near Russell’s Mills Village | View Google Map

Year Acquired : 2000

Access Point : Parking areas: 1) large lot on Slade’s Corner Road and 2) side of the road at intersection of Woodcock and Fisher Roads.

Directions : To parking lot on Slade’s Corner Road: From the intersection of Faunce Corner Mall Road and Route 6, go south on Old Westport Road, then bear left onto Chase Road to its end. Go right on Russell’s Mills Road and follow 1 mile to Russell’s Mills Village. At Davoll’s General Store, take a right onto Slade’s Corner Road. The Destruction Brook Parking lot will be on your right after approx. 1 mile.

Volunteer Stewards : Walt Granda & Dave Racine

Trail map (pdf file)

Caution: While hunting is not allowed on DNRT property, it is allowed on the adjacent Town-owned property. Please take note of hunting season and take every precaution. Even if remaining on DNRT property, DNRT recommends that during hunting season all visitors wear a minimum of 500 square inches of blaze orange clothing on the head, back, or chest.

Notice 12/19: A black bear sighting has been reported at Destruction Brook Woods. Keep your dogs on leash and be aware of your surroundings. Black bear attacks are very uncommon and they rarely become aggressive when encountered. If you do encounter a bear, talk loudly in a calm voice and back away slowly. Do not approach the bear. Learn more:


Destruction Brook Woods is DNRT’s largest Reserve and offers a variety of walks along what remains of the old Duff estate’s bridle paths.  The 280-acre property was purchased in 2000 by DNRT and The Trustees of Reservations.  (The Trustees subsequently transferred their ownership interest to DNRT.)  The Trustees and the Town of Dartmouth co-hold a conservation restriction on the Reserve, and the Dartmouth Conservation Commission owns an adjoining 44-acre parcel at the north end of the property.

The property includes miles of walking trails, mature woodlands that include American Beech and Atlantic White Cedar, unusual rock ledges covered with many interesting ferns and lichens, and Destruction Brook itself, once a major source of power for the mills of Russell’s Mills.