DNRT Hiring Executive Director

The Dartmouth Natural Resources Trust (DNRT) seeks an individual with appropriate experience and excellent communication and organizational skills to lead DNRT as its Executive Director (ED).

DNRT is a non-profit, membership-supported land trust, formed in 1971 by community members concerned about the future of Dartmouth, MA. Its mission is to preserve and protect Dartmouth’s natural resources for people and nature, forever. Over the years, DNRT has helped permanently protect more than 5,500 acres of wetlands, wildlife habitat, farmland, forests, and scenic landscapes in Dartmouth, making it one of the most successful land trusts in the state. DNRT was awarded accreditation by the Land Trust Accreditation Commission in 2014.

DNRT currently has more than 1,300 members, 60 Reserves, and maintains more than 40 miles of hiking trails. DNRT is supported by more than 200 active volunteers and has maintained vigorous partnerships with other local, area, and regional organizations to accomplish its land conservation, land management, and outreach goals.


The primary responsibility of the ED is to support DNRT’s mission by working to achieve the goals outlined in its 2020 Strategic Plan: 1) Land Acquisition: Identify and protect land important for conservation in Dartmouth; 2) Land Management: Manage DNRT’s Reserves and Conservation Restrictions for the benefit of all biodiversity; 3) Development and Outreach: Build broad-based, long-term support for DNRT and land conservation in Dartmouth by connecting people to DNRT and to the land; and 4) Organizational: Strive to be an exemplary land trust by continuing to strengthen DNRT governance and operations.

The ED is responsible for the successful implementation and oversight of all aspects of running the organization. The ED leads DNRT’s land acquisition program and supervises, motivates, and supports staff in the areas of land management, development and outreach, and finance. The ED fosters collaborative relationships with the town of Dartmouth, DNRT members, strategic partners, community, committees, volunteers, and the Board of Directors.

Full Job Description and Application Instructions