DNRT Seeking Reserve Inspectors!

DNRT is looking for 5 volunteers to help us conduct our annual inspection of our reserve’s boundaries. If you enjoy bushwhacking through the woods, exploring new properties, and have 2-5 hours available for volunteering, then this is the opportunity for you!

Every year DNRT staff and volunteers inspect our reserves to ensure our property boundaries are being respected and vandalism is not occurring within the reserves. Inspections happen once a year during the fall months. We ask volunteers to inspect their assigned reserves annually for three years minimum. Inspections typically last one hour.  Training is required for this volunteer opportunity.

The 2023 Reserve Inspection Training will have two sessions. The first session is Thursday, September 28th 6pm at our office (318 Chase Road). This session will review the process of inspecting a reserve and common mushrooms found in the South Coast during the fall months.

The second training session is Friday, September 29th 3pm at McBratney Reserve (642 Smith Neck Road). We will focus primarily on mushroom identification and will role-play different scenarios you may encounter on your inspection.

For more information please reach out to our Land Steward, Leah at leah@dnrt.org or (508) 991-8829. Please RSVP to the training session(s).