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Discover DNRT Scavenger Hunt

May 10, 2021 - October 31, 2021
Cost: 25

The Challenge:  Celebrate our 50th Birthday by finding and photographing 50 items on DNRT Reserves from among the 70 items listed on the “Discover DNRT Scavenger Hunt” checklist.

Each entrant* will receive a DNRT Guide to Outdoor Recreation in Dartmouth (a $15 value!), which contains information on 37 publicly-accessible properties and 4 great paddle trips in Dartmouth. There are also 23 full-color maps to help you locate the properties and walk the trails. The guide features town and state lands, as well as all DNRT trails and other nonprofit properties. Those who successfully take and submit photos of 50 items will win an exclusive DNRT canvas boat tote bag (not available for sale elsewhere)

Trail guide given to all registrants

Boat tote for those who complete the challenge and find all 50 items

Registration is $25 per entrant* and the contest will end on October 31, 2021.

All proceeds will benefit DNRT’s work!

* Note that an “entrant” can be an individual, couple, family, or team, but each entrant will receive only one Guide and one tote bag.  If each individual in a group wants their own Guide and tote bag, they must register (and submit photos) separately.

To Participate:

  1. Register here!

Each entrant will be emailed a link to their own folder on DNRT’s SmugMug photo website where you can upload your photos.  (You can even upload directly from your phone.)  DNRT can see your photos, but they will be hidden from others unless you choose to share them. We will email you a checklist within 24 hours of you registering.

  1. Stop by the DNRT office at 318 Chase Road to pick up your Guide (and checklist if you do not have a printer).
  2. Discover DNRT! Visit Reserves and take photos.
  3. Periodically upload your photos to your SmugMug folder so DNRT can see your progress! (Please just submit one photo of each item.)
  4. Let us know when you have reached 50 items/photos by emailing kendra@dnrt.org , we will verify, and you then you can pickup (or we can send) your DNRT canvas tote bag prize!
  5. Remember, you have until October 31, 2021 to complete the contest – so take your time and enjoy the trails!

When you submit photos for the scavenger hunt you grant DNRT a royalty-free right to use, display, and reproduce the image for purposes of publication in all media such as display on websites, exhibitions, and fundraising, and include the sale of gift of items using the images. Every attempt will be made to credit the photographer where reasonably possible.