What Kind of Light do You Have?

It can be hard to determine what kind of light your garden has. It is also crucial to know how much sun your back or front yard gets so you can know what to plant. We have outlined some plants that are not as picky about the amount of sunlight they get but knowing can help you personalize your garden exactly how you would like.

Below we have examples of what different light looks like in different areas:

The most important thing to note is the amount of light any one area gets over the course of the day.

Full Sun

Full Sun Garden

Filtered/Dappled Sun

Dappled Sun

Partial Shade

Partial Shade

Full Shade

Full Shade

Sun Chart

One easy thing you can do to help figure out what to plant is make a sun chart for your garden:

  1. Divide your garden up into FIVE (5) sections Back Left, Back Right, Center, Front Left, Front Right.
  2. Then determine how many hours of daylight you're likely to get on average during the summer (i.e. when there is the most sunlight) and divide the chart by hour
  3. Observe what kind of light there is in each part of the garden hour-by-hour

EXample Sun Chart

Garden Sun chart with different times across the top and locations across the left side. Types of light are listed in the middle