Help us create a DNRT cookbook!

CookbookWe are constantly brainstorming new ideas to raise money and engage members and supporters here at DNRT. This year’s new FUNdraiser – a DNRT cookbook!

We need your help! We are asking DNRT members, supporters, friends, and trail users to assists us. We need your recipes! With these recipes we will create a cookbook which will be available for sale. All contributors’ names will be listed in the cookbook.

We are looking for a little bit of everything – appetizers, drinks, main dishes, dishes, sides, desserts, canned or pickled goods…anything! If you submit more than one recipe, we cannot guarantee we will include all of them, due to space constraints.

Please send us your recipe as a Word document or open source Word document if possible (.doc, .docx, .odt). Please use the following style guide:

  • write out cups, pints, quarts, liter
  • write out minutes and hour
  • abbreviate tsp., tbsp., oz., fl. oz., lbs., pkg., gal.
  • if using a quantity like cans, please indicate size in parentheses (e.g. 16 oz)
  • write out recipe in paragraph form (not a bulleted list). If writing more than one paragraph, please include a line break between them.
  • use an Oxford comma (red, white, and blue) NOT (red, white and blue)
  • use one space between periods, not two
  • use digits; do not spell out numbers
  • use fractions, not decimals
  • list ingredients out in bulleted form prior to the recipe
  • have recipe formatted in paragraph form, not a bulleted or numbered list

Thank you so much. We can’t wait to see your recipes!

Again, it is very important that you use the style guide above. Once your recipe is edited to meet our format, please email it with your name to by May 31, 2023.