Howland Reserve

Donor : John Howland

Acreage : 25 +/-

Location : East side of North Hixville Road a few hundred yards north of Old Fall River Road; 50 yards north of 1199 Hixville Road. | View Google Map

Year Acquired : 1975

Access: off North Hixville Road (see Directions below)

Volunteer Stewards : Tom & Carol Matthews



Trail Map (pdf file)


This upland pine and oak forest has a small, lovely trail system winding among the stone walls and woods. Its sparse shrub layer gives visitors extended views through the trees and makes a wonderful all-season birding destination.  It also has frontage on Cornell Pond.

Directions :
Two trailheads marked by DNRT signs are located on the east side of North Hixville Road, one at 1,000 feet and one at 1,500 feet north of Old Fall River Road.  The best place to park in on the west side of North Hixville Road, across from the gas easement. Carefully walk across the road, then 100 yards east along the easement. You will then find a trail to the south leading into the woods.