Knowles Reserve

Knowles PadanaramNote: Due to the construction on the causeway in Padanaram, starting August of 2016 there will be NO vehicle or public access (even by foot) to the Knowles Reserve via Smith Neck Road. The Reserve will remain accessible from West Smith Neck Road, however parking is not permitted on this road. Please park at Apponagansett Park on Gulf Road and walk over on the sidewalk.

Donors : G.B., James, and William Knowles

Acreage : 29.5

Location : Intersection of Gulf and Smith Neck Roads, on the west side of Smith Neck Road

Year Acquired : 1974 and 1978

Access Point : On Smith Neck Road, about fifty feet from the corner that intersects with Gulf Road

Volunteer Steward(s) : Brad & Susie Jenkins

Trail Map (pdf version)


This property consists of open salt marsh habitat including a portion of salt marsh pond. Much of the habitat is dominated by low bushes and small trees, especially red cedar. The area is filled with flowers in the summer and provides a year long refuge for all sorts of wildlife. An “ecologically elegant” walking path constructed in 1982 loops through the western portion of this property.