Land Conservation

DRNT goes to work everyday to preserve and protect Dartmouth’s incredible scenic, historic, agricultural, and natural resources.

Our land conservation program focuses on three general techniques to acquire and protect land that has significant conservation value:

1. We work with landowners to acquire – either through donation or purchase – critical conservation lands. These properties become our Reserves.

2. We work with landowners to encourage them to donate conservation restrictions to us and we help guide them through the process.

3. We collaborate with other conservation organizations, state and Federal agencies, and the Town of Dartmouth to preserve land that may ultimately be owned or protected by one of these groups instead of DNRT.

DNRT now owns more than 1,700 acres in over 50 Open Space Reserves, and stewards more than 50 conservation restrictions on another 1,350 acres. Combined with the work we have done in partnership with other conservation organizations, state agencies and the town of Dartmouth, DNRT has worked to protect more than 5,100 acres in Dartmouth since our founding in 1971, making us one of the most successful land trusts in Massachusetts.