$40,000 for 40 Miles of Trails


Do you love our trails?

Now, more than ever, people have been finding mental and physical relief by visiting DNRT Reserves. Peace, calm, and tranquility are found on the DNRT trails.

We know nature is healing and beneficial to human health, but perhaps it has never so apparent as it has been during this current crisis.

Our 40 miles of trails offer solace to many. They provide a space for wellness: a place to take a stroll, relax, and clear the mind; a course for running, biking, and other exercise; a spot for spiritual rejuvenation under the tree canopy.

We have been happy to be a haven for many people over the past 49 years, but especially over the past few months. We have been here for you during good times and bad, and we now hope you will be here for us.

It takes at least 120 man-hours per year to maintain just one mile of trail: mowing grass, trimming shrubs, building and fixing bridges and boardwalks, chain sawing trees, pulling invasive plants, repairing worn trails, clearing storm damage, and more.

Due to COVID-19, we unfortunately had to cancel our biggest fundraiser of the year, the annual Barn Bash, so we are counting on your help to continue our work.

Women's Walk
National Hiking Month

What our supporters have to say:

I love the DNRT trails for exercise, nature sights and sounds, as well as fresh air. With schools closed, I’ve had the pleasure of introducing the trails to my great nephew. He enjoys them and is now on a mission to walk them all with me! -Lynne Cotter

DNRT's trail network has provided an extraordinary place to connect with my son Cameron, and often brings me back to my own childhood… of times in the woods spent connecting with nature. One day a light goes on and you realize that what DNRT provides to the community for free, was built on the time and generosity of many others. Getting involved in some way above and beyond my own personal use became of high importance to me. - Nate Rego

Our family is so grateful for the sheer beauty, number, and diversity of trails and reserves to explore. We feel incredibly lucky to be able to easily access deep nature right here in Dartmouth. The work that DNRT does to preserve land, develop and maintain trails, and connect people and nature should never be overlooked. We LOVE our trails! Thank you DNRT! -Stuart and Lee MacGregor

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