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If you share our vision of protecting Dartmouth’s natural resources for people and nature forever, please join us!

Your gift will help:

  • Protect more critical land in Dartmouth
  • Manage currently protected land for wildlife, water quality, and other natural resources
  • Provide wonderful opportunities for outdoor recreation—such as walking, jogging, bird watching, dog walking and horseback riding—on DNRT Reserves (and keep all our Reserves free and open to the public!)

Membership Levels (membership is on an annual basis)

  • Student: $10 – $34
  • Contributing: $35 – $59
  • Family: $60 – $99
  • Sustaining: $100 – $249
  • Sponsor: $250 – $365
  • Daily Steward: $365 – $499
  • Benefactor: $500 – $999
  • Patron: $1,000 +
  • Leader: $2,500 +

Membership Benefits

As a member of DNRT, you will receive:

  • Invitations to our wonderful nature walks and other members-only events & parties, including our Holiday Party, Wine & Cheese Party at the Daffodil Field, Woodcocks & Wine, and more!
  • Our quarterly newsletter to keep you informed
  • Opportunities to volunteer at our Reserves

Being a DNRT Member requires no time commitment! Your membership gift simply helps us to continue to preserve and protect land in Dartmouth. Feel free to come to any and all DNRT events and walks!

We also accept gifts of stock and can provide you with information about planned giving.
For more information, call (508) 991-2289.

Why our Members Support DNRT

Jack Bermingham

"I simply believe in the DNRT Mission Statement and its ability to educate people and let them enjoy the land in its natural state. It has an impressive record of commitment and accomplishment."

Larry Brownell

"I support DNRT because it has been a leader in protecting farms, aquifers and sensitive habitats we all depend on as well as caring for them and making them user friendly for the whole community."

Juergen Hallemeier

"As a resident for 35 years, being part of DNRT gives me the opportunity to work with people who appreciate and respect the gifts of nature, to learn more about and give back to my town, to work out doors and help maintain open space and provide a balanced and healthy environment in Dartmouth for everybody in town to enjoy."

Nat Harris

"I support the DNRT because I love the outdoors; I like to explore; and exercise is essential to me. It is on the DNRT properties I can satisfy these desires and needs, and do it without either someone telling me “leave, this is private property!” or having a horn go off to end my nice time!"

Melissa Haskell

"DNRT makes Dartmouth a better place to live. Not only have they preserved open spaces, but they have opened them up for the community to enjoy."

Michael Boucher

"The DNRT provides an invaluable service when they protect a property either by outright ownership or deed restrictions against development. When walking through their properties experiencing nature at its best, you almost have a sense that the surrounding ecosystem has a collective soul: not as we might have, but an unexplainable feeling that the land is relieved that a housing or retail development will never take hold on it. Walking through Slocum’s River Reserve and visualizing what it would have looked like if the DNRT had not stepped in when they did really reaches down to the depths of my own soul and I can not thank them enough for their wonderful work of preserving these precious wildlife habitats."

Ninabeth Fay Butler

"My family has been in Dartmouth at the same farm for 5 generations. I grew up playing in the woods of this farm and later walked many of the undeveloped tracks of land in town learning the plants and animals. In my 55 years I have watched farms and wood-lots turn into housing developments. When I was 20 I could walk from my grandmother’s farm all the way around the bay to the police station and see not a house nor another human. Now that distance has diminished by half. Around the same time I walked in what is now Destruction Brook Woods. It was and still is a favorite “time-out” walk for me. My reasons for supporting the DNRT are really quite selfish. I want these places to stay the same so I can enjoy them as I always have and I realize that someone has to maintain the trees and since I want to walk the land, then I am responsible to help keep up the trails. That’s it in a nutshell. No deep philosophy of land conservation, just a selfish wish to keep the land the way it was when I discovered it and learned to love it."

Dedee Shattuck

"Try to transport yourself 400 years ago, and listen to the words from Bartholomew Gosnold’s company as they stepped ashore for the first time in what would become Dartmouth: “…we stood awhile like men ravished at the beautie and delicacie of this sweet soile……replenished with faire Fields, and in them fragrant Flowers, also Meadows and hedged with stately Groves, being furnished also with pleasant Brookes and beautified with two main Rivers.” Now, less than forty years ago, the Dartmouth Natural Resources Trust was formed to protect what was left of Dartmouth’s “sweet soile.” People have been honoring the land by supporting DNRT who will preserve this precious land so that future generations can be “ravished” at its beauty."

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If you want to GIFT a DNRT Membership to someone, CLICK HERE If you would like to enter a custom donation amount, CLICK HERE

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