Migratory Game Bird Hunting Season Info

Duck SeasonHunting along the coast and rivers will happen until February 8th.

During the month of January and February coastal waterfowl hunting will be occurring. You might see some folks hunting on property that abuts DNRT’s. (At Slocum’s River Reserve, for instance, the big field that goes down to the river has a trail easement on it. We do not own this property and hunting will be allowed). Be careful in coastal areas and wear blaze orange.

  • Ducks (Including American Coot, Mergansers, Snow & Blue Goose)
    • Coastal Hunting: Jan 1 — Jan 23
  • Regular Goose
    • Coastal Hunting: Nov 26 — Jan 25
  • Sea Ducks
    • Nov 17 — Jan 25
  • Brant
    • Coastal Hunting: Nov 28 — Jan 25
  • Falconry (Ducks & Coots only)
    • Oct 8 — Feb 8

On Jan 30th it is Active Military & Veteran Waterfowl Hunt day.

For more information about hunting regulations, please visit the mass.gov website.