Mysteries of Destruction Brook Woods, Pt 2


This is the second installment in a three-part series about unresolved mysteries in Destruction Brook Woods.

Mysterious Holes – Our second mystery was discovered by Peter Bullard, a long-time DNRT member, and is located on the northern side of the Tea Cup trail (so named by former DNRT Land Manager Sarah Storer for its shape) in what was likely the original Russel Homestead property of 90 acres. Not far from the trail is a round area approximately 25-30 feet in diameter that is slightly raised from the forest floor.  Around that circle there are multiple four-foot holes that are evenly spaced around the perimeter.  The holes are now somewhat filled in with leaves and detritus but are still there.  The area is in a small section of raised earth that sticks out into the wetlands that follow Destruction Brook.  It is about 300 feet from the actual stream.  It is not far from our potential cranberry bog, described in the first installment of this series.  Could they be connected in some way? 

Destruction Brook Woods