New Dog Rule at DNRT Reserves

DogAs of August 15, 2019, a new dog rule has been added to the list of rules at DNRT’s dog friendly reserves: no more than 3 dogs per adult trail user. DNRT aims to make our reserves a friendly, safe environment for all our trail users. This rule will help with the biggest problem we get calls about – uncontrolled dogs. By limiting the number of dogs per adult trail user, more attention can be given to dogs being walked, and we hope there will be fewer incidents of dogs running at or chasing trail users.

Having control over your dog is very important. All dogs on all of DNRT’s dog friendly reserves must be under control, either by voice command or by leash. A dog under voice command will come when it is called every single time. An uncontrolled dog could possibly run up and jump on another trail user who is unbalanced or elderly, which could cause them to fall or otherwise hurt themselves. Additionally, an uncontrolled dog might run up to another dog who does not like other dogs in their space. This could cause a fight. We want all dogs to be under control so everyone can have a safe and enjoyable experience, both humans and dogs alike.

With each additional dog you walk, the less attention you are devoting to each dog. This increases the chances of you not noticing what your dog is doing. Most dogs behave like toddlers and when they see something interesting they will go and investigate. This leads them to run off and possibly out of your sight. They then could confront another dog (which might be shy or nervous) or jump on another trail user. To avoid unnecessary incidents we are requiring visitors to DNRT reserves to reduce the number of dogs walked at one time. This new rule, 3 dogs per adult trail user, will help reduce the number of dog-related incidents. It will help keep both trail users and dogs safe, allowing both to have an enjoyable experience on our trails.

Please help us keep our reserve a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone by following our rules. You can view all dog rules here.