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Brassells Reserve

July 18, 2012

This property is comprised almost entirely of deciduous wetland swamp. The property has the typical mound and pool topography…

Bergh Reserve

July 18, 2012

A small strip of land between Potomaka Road and Little River next to Little River bridge.

Barnes-Lower Cedar Island Reserve

July 18, 2012

Small Island of Salt Marsh accessible only by boat.

Augustine-Souza Reserve

July 18, 2012

A relatively uniform deciduous swamp occurs throughout the property except the northwest corner, which lies slightly upland.

ASM Realty Reserve

July 18, 2012

The Spring Brook runs south west through the reserve and meets up with the Shingle Island River, which forms the southern boundary of the property.

Ashton Reserve

July 18, 2012

The under growth of Ashton Reserve is primarily cinnamon fern, sweet pepperbrush, and bull brier. The property also contains two brooks.