Allens Pond Conservation Completion Project

September 21, 2016

From Horseneck Road to Barney’s Joy, visionary local landowners and conservation organizations have worked together over decades to protect and preserve Allens Pond in Dartmouth. If you’ve ever explored Mass Audubon’s Allens Pond Wildlife Sanctuary, you’ve experienced firsthand the benefits of this land conservation. The sanctuary’s 600 acres of unspoiled salt marshes and rugged beaches along Buzzards Bay…

Wernick Farm

June 3, 2016

Donor : Purchased by DNRT from Reva Newfield and family Acreage : 62 Location : North Albro Ave. (off N. Hixville Road) | View Google Map Year Acquired : 2014 Access Point : Two parking lots located on North Albro Ave., 1/2 mile in from N. Hixville Road (see directions below).  Please note:  North Albro Ave. is…

Frank Knowles/Little River Reserve

Three DNRT Reserves featured in SouthCoast Today’s “The List: South Coast’s Top 10 Walking Spots”

May 20, 2016

Three DNRT Reserves featured in SouthCoast Today’s “The List: South Coast’s Top 10 Walking Spots” and DNRT hopes you can take a walk on one of these Reserves this summer. The three Reserves are: Frank Knowles/Little River Reserve Destruction Brook Woods Parsons Reserve Click here to learn more about the list of favorite walking spots…

Allen’s Mill

February 24, 2016

Allen’s Mill is part of DNRT’s Destruction Brook Woods property, but is accessed via a separate parking area and not connected by trail to the rest of Destruction Brook  Woods. Location : Slade’s Corner Road | View Google Map Year Acquired : 2000 (as part of Destruction Brook Woods acquisition) Access Point : Parking area…

The DNRT Center at Helfand Farm…It’s Rising

February 4, 2016

February 1, 2016 We’ve seen dramatic progress already on the construction of DNRT’s new headquarters at 318 Chase Road, thanks to the efforts of our Building Committee, and thanks to the nearly 200 donors whose generosity and support helped us kick-start this project. Although we’re approaching our fundraising goal, we’re hopeful that those of who…

New Dartmouth Trail Opens (Standard Times article)

October 15, 2015

Nearly 100 people showed up on a beautiful, sunny morning for the DNRT’s opening of the Paskamansett Woods trail, just south of Route 6 and directly across Chase Road from Gene Street.

Paskamansett Woods

October 2, 2015

Donor: Granted to DNRT by Gary and Jo-Ann Bouchard as part of Open Space Residential Design (OSRD) development. Acreage : 11.2 acres Location : Chase Road |  View Google Map Year Acquired : 2015 Access Point : Parking area and trailhead is located on east side of Chase Road, just south of intersection with Old…

Parsons Reserve: “Reserve of the Month”

January 22, 2015

Parsons Reserve is a 32-acre parcel located just outside Russell’s Mills Village between Slade’s Corner Road and Horseneck Road. The parcel is primarily comprised of deciduous upland forest, with interesting topography, such as rock outcroppings and ridgelines. Destruction Brook meanders through the property on its way to Slocum’s River with the floodplain cutting a wide swath…

DNRT Completes North Hixville Conservation Project – Protects 62 Acres

December 15, 2014

DNRT is delighted to announce the purchase and protection of 62 acres of woodlands, wetlands, and open fields off North Hixville Road in North Dartmouth. The property will be named “Wernick Farm” in recognition of the family that owned the land since the 1950s, and DNRT plans to open it to the public within the…