Resources For You

The Beecology project

  • For information on native pollinations look no further than the Beecology Project
    • The project focuses on educating and recruiting citizen scientists to work to protect local wild pollinators
    • Beecology has worked with DNRT to help us plant specific natives in Greer's Garden to help attract Bumble Bees and other critical pollinators.

State of Massachusetts

  • The State of Massachusetts has a lot of great resources on ecological landscaping.
    • This guide goes into wonderful detail how ecological landscaping is highly beneficial and what you do to get started
    • There is also an appendix of plants that are native to Massachusetts that one might consider planting if the conditions are right
    • The state has lots of other resources but the one above was particularly helpful for this project

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower center

  • If you need to look up a plant, search no further than the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center
    • This resource has tons of reliable information about native plants
    • You can type in the name of just about any plant and get an impressive facts sheet about it
    • They also have lots of other information about plant care