Rough Goldenrod

rough goldenrod

Solidago rugosa 

Plant Characteristics:

  • Duration: perennial 
  • Habit: herb
  • Size class: 3-6ft 
  • Native Habitat: Low woods; meadows; old fields; pine barrens; bogs 
  • Bloom time: September-October

Growing Conditions 

  • Light:
    • Sun
  • Soil:
    • Moisture: Wet
    • CaCO3 Tol: Medium 
    • Description: Moist well-drained soil
  • Water Use: 
    • Medium
  • Condition comments:
    • This is a variable species and is divided into two subspecies, the typical one subdivided into three varieties.


  • Medicinal: Ancient physicians believed goldenrod had healing powers
    • Currently it has been blamed for allergies and hay-fever; but its irritating symptoms are actually caused by ragweed, whose pollen is abundant where goldenrod is in flower
  • Conspicuous flowers 
  • Attracts birds 
  • Specific value to native bees and honey bees