Rules Still Apply at DNRT!

We are pleased to see that so many individuals are seeking solace in nature during this difficult time. Our trails are busier than we have ever seen them! However, just because we all feel a little scared and uncertain, does not mean that rules no longer apply.

Over the past two weeks, we have seen:

  • an increase in garbage in parking lots and on the trails
  • an increase in dog poop and dog poop bags left on the trails
  • a fire pit created in the middle of a trail
  • frequent turnarounds in neighbors’ driveways
  • trash at neighbors’ properties
  • many folks not practicing social distancing and going for hikes in large groups

None of this behavior is acceptable. Please respect our properties and respect our neighbors. As a reminder, our rules are listed below and also here.

We currently have less maintenance abilities than we normally would. Please help us to keep our Reserves safe and clean for all to enjoy.

Please note:  Some DNRT Reserves have additional regulations.  Please observe posted signs at all Reserves.

  • Reserves are open from dawn to dusk, except where posted otherwise.
  • Please stay on existing trails only & respect signs regarding closed areas.
  • Please be aware of your surroundings & take responsibility for your own safety.
  • Dogs and their human companions are welcome (except where posted).
    • No more than 3 dogs per adult trail user. Learn more here.
    • To preserve the enjoyment of all visitors, please remember to keep your dog under your control at all times. “Control” is defined by the dog being within the owner’s sight and hearing at all times and being trained to come immediately when called.
    • Carry waste bags with you, pick up your dog’s waste, and dispose of it in trash receptacles off the property.
    • For more details on dog rules, click here
  • Horseback and bicycle riding are allowed (except where posted). Please stay on existing trails only. Take care to avoid muddy areas to minimize the damage to trails during wet seasons. Bikes should yield to horses and walkers. Walkers should yield to horses.
  • No fires
  • No consumption or possession of alcohol
  • No camping
  • No hunting, trapping, or possession of firearms
  • No littering, including in the parking lot  (please carry out any trash you might find!)
  • No motorized vehicles of any kind
  • No removal of vegetation, rocks, or any other material from the property
  • No paintball
  • No metal detecting
  • No launching, operating, or retrieving of drones
  • No conduct that disrupts the tranquility of the area or its enjoyment by others
  • Use of DNRT reserves for commercial or fundraising purposes is prohibited
  • Group use: DNRT requires advance permission for groups of 15 or more to use our Reserves in order to prevent conflicts and minimize impacts to the natural resources and enjoyment of other visitors