Trail Etiquette Tips

Horses and dogs and people DO mix – with the right approach

etiquetteDNRT trails are used by many different people, including horseback riders, walkers and bicyclists.  It is helpful to know what to do when you encounter each other.  This logo illustrates the Rule of the Trail when it comes to who has the right of way: bicyclists yield to both horses and hikers/runners, and hikers/runners give way to horses.

If you are coming up behind a horse, a walker or a dog walker, call out before you catch up to them, to let them know you are coming and to let the horse know you are a human being!
If the horse or rider or dog seems frightened or unsure, stop, and wait for them to signal you forward.  This situation can be dangerous for all involved.

Always keep away from the tail end of a horse; If you come upon a rider-less horse, do not chase the horse.  Speak calmly to it, and catch it if you are comfortable.  The rider may be near by, or may be hurt.  Err on the side of caution and call for help.

Always give the other visitor time to gather their kids/dogs/horses before proceeding forward.
We ask that if people are running in a group, be aware that dogs and horses and people may respond differently to a large group than they would to an individual runner.  Expect the unexpected!