Join DNRT’s “2017 Trail Trek” to win a prize and recognition while discovering new places, getting healthy exercise, and enjoying the great outdoors.

It is easy to participate.  DNRT has two levels for the 2017 Trail Trek:

  1. Walk, run, hike or jog all 35 miles of trails and receive DNRT’s beautiful publication, the “Guide to Outdoor Recreation in Dartmouth.” Participants planning to complete this challenge must walk all 35 miles and take a “selfie” (individual or group) at each of the assigned photo spots at each one of DNRT’s Reserves (see below).
  2. If you cannot walk, run, hike or jog all 35 miles of trails, then visit each of DNRT’s 16 Reserves and walk 1 mile at each Reserve and then take a “selfie” (individual or group) at the Reserve kiosk (i.e., the sign at the entrance of the Reserve where the maps and notices are posted). Participants completing this challenge will receive a DNRT water bottle.
  3. Be one of the first three to complete the Trail Trek AND include their dog in their selfies will win a free class pass ($135 value) from Harmonious Hounds!

If you complete either level of the “2017 Trail Trek” bring your camera or phone into our office (318 Chase Road, Dartmouth, MA 02747) to show us the photos, and each individual in all photos will receive one of the prizes mentioned above OR tag us in each of your photos on Instagram (dnrt_org). Winners will also be listed on DNRT’s website and, with your permission, we may even select some of your photos to post.

Go ahead and do the “Trail Trek” now!  Contest ends 12/31/2017.

RESERVE                                                              “PHOTO SPOT”


Allen’s Mill  

Destruction Brook Woods   

Howland Reserve

Knowles Reserve  

Frank Knowles/Little River Reserve

McBratney Reserve     

New Bedford Garden Club Reserve   

Parsons Reserve 

Paskamansett Woods    

Peter’s Creek Reserve   

Ridge Hill Reserve    

Slocum’s River Reserve

Smith Farm

Star of the Sea Reserve 

Wernick Farm

Wylde Reserve  


Mill Building

Ella’s Bridge

Cornell Pond

Dike Meadow Creek

Barn Foundation

Blueberry Patch


Vernal Pool

Stone Bridge

Southern-most point (near Canoe Landing)

Jason Phillips Mill Site

Angelica’s Overlook

Wildlife Observation Platform



Georges Pond